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    floor sanding Gold Coast QLD

    Timber Floor Sanding 

    Give your home the ultimate facelift with beautifully restored timber flooring.

    We offer a range of timber floor restoration services for different situations: form a light sand and refinish to a full sand back and re coat, and polish.

    floor polishing Gold Coast QLD

    Timber Floor Polishing 

    Bring the real wow factor to your timber floors with our timber polishing service.

    Perfect for right after a complete restoration or can also be done at regular intervals to keep your floors looking amazing and the envy of your family and friends.

    Gold Coast Timber Floor Restoration Services


    Timber Floor Sanding

    Bring back your timber floors to their former glory and celebrate their natural beauty. The first step is to sand back the timber floorboards, either a light sand or sand back to timber, depending on the current state of your floorboards. As well as servicing the stunning GC, we are proud to offer floor sanding Scenic Rim locals can access with reasonable prices and unbeatable value.


    Timber Floor Coating

    Next choose a coating product to protect your beautiful timber floors. We have a range of high quality products that will ensure your floorboards maintain their stunning appearance for years. Available in a wide range of finishes colour and gloss levels to suit your style.


    Timber Floor Polishing

    We finish off the job with a buff to give your wooden floors that extra lustrious appearance to really add that knock your socks off wow factor.

    timber floor sanding and polishing Gold Coast QLD

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    Get great results with the choice floor sanding and polishing company on the Gold Coast, QLD

    before and after floor sanding

    Timber Floors

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    Floor Sanding

    We restore timber flooring, no matter what condition its in.

    A durable flooring option, timber will last a long time but it needs to be taken care of. Timber will eventually show signs of wear and tear especially in high traffic areas of a home or business. Protect the timber and keep your floors looking great with a restoration every 3-5 years, depending on the use of the property it may need it sooner such as a cafe with a lot of foot traffic every day.

    Floor sanding involves floor preparation to ensure all nails are sunken, any damaged timber is removed and replaced and then it is sanded back using high grade equipment by a skilled floor sanding contractor. It is important that the contractor or who ever is doing the work uses precision and a sound technique to ensure that no damage is caused to the timber because the machine strength is one to be used with caution.

    Firstly, high grit sandpaper is used as appropriate, to remove layers of timber in an efficient way, subsequently reducing the grit and producing a finer, more precise removal of timber. The numbers go up, the finer the grit. For example, a contractor may begin with grit 24, then they will finish with 120+ to reveal a smooth, even finish.

    We bring our floor sanding services to the Scenic Rim, including Tamborine, Boonah, Beaudesert, Jimboomba and of course, the Gold Coast.

    Floor Polishing

    The polish that is used when restoring timber flooring is a vital piece in completing the restoration. 

    Sanded timber is vulnerable when bare and must be coated with a protective sealant to prevent from moisture penetrating or staining the timber as well as an scratches. 

    It is advised to vacate the house when floor polishing is underway (trust us when we say you would have wanted to vacate in the sanding step due to the noise and mess), the odour of such varnishes can be unpleasant and it is strongly recommended to refrain from stepping on the surface, even if it feels dry to touch, until FULLY cured. 

    This will ensure the best, most durable outcome for your shiny timber flooring. 

    gold coast floor sanding before and after pics

    Timber Stairs

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    Staircase Restoration

    There’s no point refinishing timber floors at your Gold Coast property if your stairs aren’t done.


    Similar to indoor floor sanding and polishing, depending on the condition of your stairs, the service you need will either be a light sand or a full sand back to timber. Sanding back to bare timber also gives you the opportunity to change the stain or colour on your stairs which has a significant impact on overall feel of your space. 

    Once the timber is sanded back, a stain, varnish and other protective coatings are added to seal and protect the newly sanded timber.  Your floor sanding contractor can talk you through your options when it comes to sealants and protective products, but in a nutshell, products are designed to either penetrate and preserve your timber, or create a protective film over the wood instead. With a range of different coating products we can suggest something to help you achieve your desired look to compliment the rest of your home.


    Carpet to Timber Staircase

    Got a carpeted staircase you want to transform into a timber staircase?

    We can remove your old carpeted staircase, lay some fresh timber floorboards down and coat and polish them up to transform the entire look and feel of your staircase. 

    See the last images of our project gallery to get an idea of how the process works and the stunning results that can be acheived. 

    Call us today for a free quote on your staircase transformation project.

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    prompt and reliable floor sanding company Gold Coast QLD

    Don’t let delayed responses postpone your timber floor restoration plans

    When floor sanding companies fail to respond promptly, projects stall and your plans get sidelined. Don’t let poor communication drag out your renovation. By choosing a service that values your time and ensures quick and clear responses means your project moves forward without frustrating delays.

    Why Choose Us

    We understand how frustrating it is to wait for someone to answer your call, especially if you have an urgent concern. Floor sanding companies aren’t an exception. While it’s true that many sanding businesses are managed by just one person who may not be able to answer calls during work hours, this should never compromise the quality of customer service.

    That’s why you won’t regret working with us.

    We recognise how critical timely communication can be, especially when you need immediate assistance. We have dedicated staff who handle all customer inquiries promptly. This ensures that your calls and concerns are addressed quickly, and follow-ups and scheduling are managed efficiently, leading to a superior customer experience.

    Prompt communication isn’t the only reason why we’re the number 1 choice for floor sanding on the GC. Timber floor refinishing runs in our blood. Owner and operator Nathan is a 3rd generation floor sanding professional. Nathan’s been sanding and polishing timber floors since he was 15 years old. With a small team he’s able to ensure the highest quality workmanship and makes sure he is personally responsible for the final coating and buffing to ensure the final product meets or oftentimes exceeds our customer’s expectations.

    We’re proud to offer a masterful floor sanding and polishing service, excellent communication and follow-through for a seamless customer experience all at competitive rates. Making professional floor sanding affordable for our clients. When you choose our family-run business, you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a team that views every project as a continuation of our family’s legacy of excellence.

    Whether you need timber floor sanding or hardwood floor refinishing, we are the best Gold Coast floor sanding company for you.

    Contact us today so we can discuss your plans for your floor sanding and refinishing needs!

    Happy Customers

    Rose Patane
    Rose Patane
    Had my stairs done by Timber Tuneup. Happy with the result and pricing. Would use again.
    Christopher Milham
    Christopher Milham
    Timber tuneups did a fantastic job of sanding my old brushbox floor which turned out amazing, somehow the equipment kept dust to a minimum the price was fair and worker was friendly and professional, recommend to anyone to sand floors for the result turns out amazing
    Shelley Ann Wake
    Shelley Ann Wake
    These guys did an exceptional job of sanding and refinishing our engineered timber floors. It was a big job with lots of stairs, and they did excellent work. The floors now look fresh and amazing. I would recommend them for the great work and how good everyone was to work with.
    Gabby Lusty
    Gabby Lusty
    Nathan and Mel done such a great job sanding and polishing are floors we would highly recommend them and really nice couple 🤩🤩🤩
    Sandra Skellern
    Sandra Skellern
    We have had several floors done by Nathan and Mel and very happy with the results. Their pride in their finish showed when they returned to re-finish one floor they weren't happy with. Love our floors.
    Quinny Q
    Quinny Q
    They really helped me out of a very difficult situation in a short time frame. The floor came up a really nice whitewash. Took some time to settle in (which they told me it would) but very happy with the final result.
    Jan McGregor
    Jan McGregor
    It was great working with TimberTuneUp and we are happy to recommend them to others. The floors look excellent and the pricing was good. Canungra Books and Art
    Sharon Hester
    Sharon Hester
    We had Nathan & Mel in to sand & re-oil our deck and stairs. They did a good job - the timber looks great! We found Mel & Nathan to be friendly and easy to talk to, particularly discussing ongoing maintenance. For those looking for tips, I recommend that you have the measurements used for the quote confirmed prior to starting and ensure you cover everything for drips! :)
    joe jackson
    joe jackson
    Very professional stunning job really nice people and we got what we wanted

    4 easy steps to a newly refinished timber floor

    free floor sanding quote

    Call for Free Quote

    The first step is to contact us to discuss your needs. During this initial contact, you’ll provide details about your flooring, such as its condition, type, and area size. We will then offer a free quote, giving you an estimate of the cost and timeline for the sanding project.

    floor sanding back to timber (1)

    Sand Timber Floors

    If you’re happy with the quote, we will schedule in a time that suits you to begin the sanding process. This step involves stripping away the old finish, smoothing out scratches, dents and other imperfections, and preparing the wood surface for coating.

    applying water based polyurethane floor coating

    Coat Timber Floors

    After sanding, a protective coating is applied to the floor. This can be a varnish, sealant, or stain, depending on your preference and the type of wood. The coating not only enhances the appearance of the floor but also protects it from wear, moisture, and damage, ensuring durability.

    enjoy beautiful new refinished timber floors

    Enjoy Refinished Floors

    The final step is the simplest—enjoy your newly refinished floors. Once the coating has dried and cured, your floors will look brand new, adding beauty and value to your space. You can now enjoy the refreshed look of your floors with the added peace of mind that they are well protected for years to come.

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    6 Wonderful Benefits of Restored Timber Floors

    Restores Appearance

    Floor sanding removes the top layer of wood which may be worn, damaged, or stained, revealing the fresh, clean wood beneath. This process can drastically improve the look of a floor, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood grain and making it look brand new.

    Cost-Effective Option

    Sanding and refinishing an existing timber floor is far more cost-effective than installing a new floating floor on top. When done correctly and using quality coatings you can expect up to 10 years of beauty and good service from a refinished timber floor.

    Increases Durability

    By removing surface damage such as scratches, dents, and indents, sanding helps to strengthen the floor’s surface. A well-sanded floor is more resistant to wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the wood.

    Enhances Room Hygiene

    Sanding removes old layers of finish that may have trapped dirt, allergens, and bacteria. A freshly sanded and sealed floor is easier to keep clean and hygienic, reducing the buildup of allergens.

    Improves Lighting

    A sanded and refinished floor can improve the light reflectivity of a room, making spaces appear brighter and more inviting. This is especially beneficial in rooms with limited natural light.

    Increases Property Value

    Well-maintained wooden floors are highly sought after and can increase the market value of a property. A freshly sanded and polished floor can be a strong selling point for potential buyers.

    Gold Coast Floor Sanding FAQs

    What types of timber flooring finishes are there?

    When it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors, choosing the right type of coating is essential to both the appearance and longevity of your flooring. Here are a few of the most popular types of coatings we provide, each with its specific benefits and considerations:

    Polyurethane Coating

    Polyurethane is a favourite due to its robustness, available in both water-based and oil-based forms. Water-based polyurethane dries quickly, emits less odour, and doesn’t alter the wood’s colour. Oil-based polyurethane, while highly durable and adding a warm amber tint, takes longer to dry and has a strong odour during application.


    Varnish is excellent for enhancing wood’s natural grain and comes in various finishes from glossy to matte. It’s moisture-resistant, making it suitable for wet areas, but it can yellow over time and may crack under significant impact.


    Lacquer provides a hard, durable finish with a high level of sheen, drying very quickly. However, its fast drying time can make application challenging, leading to potential streaks, and it requires professional spraying due to strong chemical content and fumes.

    Oil Finish

    An oil finish penetrates the wood to enhance durability and maintain a natural look, easy to touch up and less prone to scratches. However, it’s less resistant to spills, requires more maintenance, and has a longer drying time.

    Each coating type offers distinct benefits and trade-offs, catering to different preferences and needs in terms of traffic levels, aesthetic goals, and maintenance willingness.

    Is solvent based polyurathane more durable than water based polyurethane?

    Yes, traditionally, solvent-based (or oil-based) polyurethane has been considered more durable than water-based polyurethane, especially in terms of resistance to wear, chemicals, and heat. Solvent-based polyurethane forms a harder, thicker coating, which provides a higher level of protection. This makes it particularly suited for high-traffic areas and floors that are likely to encounter more severe use.

    However, water-based polyurethane has been significantly improved over the years and now offers a level of durability that is often more than adequate for most residential applications. It has several advantages that make it a preferred choice in certain situations:

    Faster Drying Time: Water-based polyurethane dries much faster than solvent-based polyurethane. This can be a significant advantage when you need to apply multiple coats or have limited time for renovations.

    Lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): Water-based polyurethane contains lower levels of VOCs, making it less toxic and better for indoor air quality. It emits a less pungent odour, which dissipates more quickly.

    Non-Yellowing: Unlike solvent-based polyurethane, which can yellow over time, water-based polyurethane remains clear. This makes it ideal for lighter wood or any application where maintaining the original color of the wood is important.

    Easier Cleanup: Cleaning up after applying water-based polyurethane only requires soap and water, whereas solvent-based finishes require chemical solvents for cleanup.

    In summary, while solvent-based polyurethane is generally more durable and better suited for extremely high-wear environments such as commercial applications, modern water-based polyurethane offers more than sufficient durability for most residential applications and has several practical and environmental advantages.

    How long does it take to sand and polish a house?

    The duration required to sand and “polish” (apply a finish to) a house can vary significantly based on several factors such as the area size, floor condition, type of coating used, and environmental factors. On average, for an entire house, the process could typically range from a few days to a week. This estimate includes everything from preparation (sinking nails, repairing damaged sections of flooring etc), sanding, and cleaning to applying the chosen finish and allowing it to dry sufficiently before the floors can be used again.

    To get a more accurate timeline of your floor sanding project, contact us so we can inspect your space and provide you with an estimate.

    Do I need to sand my floorboards back to bare timber?

    In the context of floor restoration, the necessity of sanding your floorboards back to bare timber depends on the condition of your floors and the results you wish to achieve. Sanding to bare wood is essential if your floors have old, worn finishes or if the surface has become uneven, as this allows for a fresh and even application of new finishes. It’s also crucial for effectively levelling the surface and repairing deep scratches, dents, or other significant damage.

    Additionally, if you’re planning to change the colour or type of finish, removing all previous layers ensures that new products adhere properly and display their true colours. However, if your floor’s current finish is intact and the underlying wood is in good condition, a lighter sanding might suffice. This less intensive approach can refresh the appearance of your floors without the need for complete sanding.

    If you’re looking to revamp your floorboards, check out the different floor restoration options. You may also contact us so we can inspect your floors and provide professional insights.

    How much does floor sanding cost on the Gold Coast?

    The cost of floor sanding on the Gold Cost area depends on several factors including area size, floor condition, type of timber, and choice of finish, and whether the floor requires just a light sand and recoat of if it requires a sand back to timber and recoat.

    If you want accurate pricing, contact us so we can discuss your plans and provide you with a quote. We can offer a breakdown of the costs based on your floor sanding needs.

    Do you have any timber floor maintenance tips?

    Maintaining timber floors properly is essential for both preserving their beauty and ensuring their longevity, whether at home or in commercial spaces.

    Regular cleaning is crucial in maintaining your timber floors at home. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly using a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum with a soft floor attachment to remove dirt and grit. Use a slightly damp mop and a timber-specific cleaner to avoid damage. Protect floors from fading with curtains or blinds, maintain consistent indoor humidity to prevent warping, and clean spills immediately to avoid stains. Use felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches and consider refinishing your floors every few years depending on wear. Place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to reduce wear. For more information, check out this post on how to maintain residential timber floors.

    On the other hand, maintaining timber floors in commercial settings requires more rigorous care due to increased traffic. Daily cleaning with a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum and mopping with a microfiber mop and pH-neutral cleaner are essential. Address spills quickly to prevent hazards and damage. Use commercial-grade mats at all entry points to reduce dirt and moisture, which should be frequently cleaned or replaced. Apply durable finish coatings suitable for high traffic and check and replace protective pads under furniture regularly. Limit sunlight exposure with window treatments and schedule regular floor inspections and professional deep cleanings to preserve the floor’s durability and appearance. Check how to maintain timber floors in commercial spaces to know more.

    Can I stay in my home during the refinishing process?

    It is often advisable to stay elsewhere during the refinishing process due to the need for an empty floor space, fumes from the finish, and the noise from the sanding equipment. If staying off-site isn’t an option, it may be possible to perform the job in two sections depending on the layout of your home and spaces you require refinishing. If in doubt please give us a call and we can find a solution for your situation.

    Call us today so we can have a more in-depth discussion.

    How do I choose a good floor sanding company?

    Floor sanding is essential when it comes to maintaining your wood floor which is why you need a reputable floor sanding company to do the job. When looking for the right choice, you should consider the following:

    • Experience and expertise
    • Customer reviews and testimonials
    • Customer service

    Fortunately, you’re in the right place, we’re timber floor sanding and polishing experts servicing the Gold Coast area. Whether you are looking to sand or refinish your hardwood floors, you can count on us to do a great job.

    Contact us today so we can discuss and offer you a free quote.

    What is hardwood floorboard polishing?

    Polishing hardwood floors involves applying a finishing product over the surface of the wood to enhance its appearance and protect it from wear and tear. This is typically done after cleaning and can help restore the floor’s shine. Regular hardwood floorboard polishing helps maintain the protective layer that wards off scratches and scuffs.

    How do I know if I need hardwood floor refinishing?

    If your floors look dull, and have significant scratches, discolouration, or water damage, it might be time to refinish them. Also, if the finish is worn off in high-traffic areas, refinishing could restore their look and durability.

    You can also test the condition of your floors by pouring a tablespoon of water on a floor section that gets a lot of traffic. If the water forms droplets on top of the floor, the coating is still in operational condition. However, if the water soaks into the wood, it’s time to refinish your hardwood floor.

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