Timber floor maintenance for commercial spaces

Whether you are running a small retail shop, restaurant, warehouse, or if you have office space, keeping up with the maintenance of your property is important for functionality as well as for presentation. One key element of your commercial property that needs to be maintained, less regularly than other areas, but just as important to keep up with: is your flooring. Many commercial properties across the Gold Coast have timber flooring which is stunning when well maintained, but like any other type of natural flooring, will require some attention every now and again to keep it looking great. This article looks at the maintenance required for timber flooring, specifically in commercial properties.

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Commercial spaces that utilise timber flooring

Having timber floors in your commercial property can add sophistication, elegance, and a timeless look that won’t go out of fashion. Across the Gold Coast, you will find this natural beautiful flooring type in a variety of different types of commercial buildings, including restaurants, cafes, local community centres, libraries, schools, entertainment venues, and busy offices—timber floors are found in the simplest of spaces to the most premium locations because of their unrivaled elegance.

Commercial spaces that opt for timber flooring save resources in the long run. Timber floorboards are good investments because of their lifespan, durability, and functionality. A lot of business owners find themselves with timber flooring after purchasing a property with existing floorboards, especially when it comes to hardwood because of how expensive hardwood is to install these days, with cheaper more easily accessible alternatives. Nonetheless, hardwood floors last so long that the flooring will usually see multiple property owners in its lifetime. The biggest advantage of choosing timber is that it usually outlives its other newer synthetic counterparts available on the market. You get more than you pay for in timber flooring—it’s environmentally sustainable, allergen-free, perfect for our climate, and can be restored countless times in its lifetime. 

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Why maintain commercial timber flooring

Due to the nature of commercial properties being used for different purposes than homes, the average commercial property will see a significantly higher amount of foot traffic and heavier equipment such as delivery trolleys and commercial cooking equipment, this all leads to a lot more wear and tear than the average home. Choosing the right type of timber flooring and coatings is important, especially in a commercial space, because of the added daily use that these floorboards will endure on a regular basis. 

For example, if you have an event or a function centre, the number of people and the types of footwear flooring in a commercial space like this will be significantly more than in any household. High heels, dancing, jumping, moving furniture, trolleys, and more. Therefore your flooring will show signs of wear and tear earlier than the average home which means you need to restore the floorboards more regularly than in residential spaces. The polish and coatings that are added to the floorboard also need to take into consideration the use and have properties that can better withstand wear and tear. 

Regular maintenance will benefit your business in two main ways: the aesthetics, and integrity of the timber. First impressions are vital in winning the business of potential customers. Keep your property in good shape, looking well looked after with well-maintained flooring. More than just being clean and tidy, shiny polished floorboards are an asset that can be styled to suit any decor. Maintaining the timber flooring will also go a long way in preserving the integrity of the timber itself. The varnish and coatings on the timber will protect and seal the wood from water, light scratches, and grime. With all that being said since you have already invested in a property with high-quality flooring, make the most out of it through regular maintenance which keeps it looking great and protects the integrity of the timber itself.

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How frequent should maintenance be?

While there is no set rule for the regularity of the maintenance of timber floors, regular maintenance is the key to preventing extensive damage down the line that leads to floorboard replacement. The need for re-sanding or recoating will be evaluated on the current conditions of your floorboards and the type of flooring you have installed. The usage and the purpose of the area are also taken into consideration. Simple sweeping, vacuuming, and utilising cleaning agents help you kickstart your maintenance regimen.

With all the restrictions being lifted up and businesses slowly returning to the scene, business owners could expect a significant increase in the foot traffic in their spaces. Since commercial spaces are more inviting to the exploring crowd, the floorings are more prone to faster deterioration. Shoes and furniture are the major culprits in making dents and scratching your floors.

To provide an example, think of a corporate office vs a cafe in a busy area like Burleigh Heads. Which do you think will receive more foot traffic? The cafe. Even if both accommodate guests on a daily basis, it’s the cafe that is busier. For commercial spaces like a cafe, a good estimate of 5 to 10 years in between restoration of the timber flooring, is a good rule of thumb. Well-maintained floors still make a whole lot of difference—all the maintenance costs and efforts are always worth it in the end. 

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Final Say

Invest in restoring and maintaining your timber flooring to reap the benefits of this durable, stunning material. Consider it an investment every few years, to sand and refinish your floorboards, which will result in stunning, shiny, well kept wooden flooring that will be functional and leave that positive first impression, helping your business convert potential clients to loyal customers. Why not consider a trusted Gold Coast floor sanding company to look after your pristine timber floorboards? We can help you achieve and maintain your desired outcome. 

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